Cherry trees

KELERIS 16 – medium vigorous. Medium frost and disease resistant. Start bearing early, bear every year, heavily. Fruits are ripening first decade of July, big, dark berries (5g.), separate freely from stalk.

– berries are very big, sweet-sour, firm flesh, bright red color. Flesh freely separating from stone, suitable for compote. The species is disease and frost resistant.

– trees are medium vigorous, bear every year, very heavily. Renewal pruning is recommended. Fruits are big (4-4,5g), equal, dark red, a bit sour, transportable. Maybe used fresh as well as for processing. Picking time: the species is early, fruits are being picked up in the beginning of July.

– bear yearly, very heavily. Fruits are large (6-7 g), equal size, dark red glittering skin, the flesh is pretty firm, juice is of bright red color, when pulling out the stalk does not flow out. Are used fresh, suitable for processing, frosting. Picking time: fruits are being picked in the middle of July.

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