Decorative plants

TRILOBED ALMONDTREE – The leaves’ forms are from elipse up to opposite egg form. Of 3-6(10) cm length, with prolonged sharp top, with big double toothed edge, often light 3-laciniate leaves, with wedge base, green and bare top side and lightly fluffy bottom side, with short stalk. The blossoms are reddish, almost without stalks, set single or in pairs. Start blooming before leaves burst in May. Frost resistant.

ROSE TREE – one or two scions. Blooms all summer. Likes sun. Grows well in medium, normal humidity soil. Colors: red, dark burgundy, rose, orange.

– dropping down, spiral tree. The height of the tree depends on scion height. It is valued for its large blossoms (so called catkins), dense, quick growing crown. The bush is frost resistant, easily trimmed, likes humid places. Are planted one by one.

– bowing down form tree. The branches bow down. The leaves are green, back side is bluish green. Is not demanding for soil and moisture. Sunny and half shadowy place is suitable.

– Grows up to 2 m. height. The leaves are small, dark green. The blossoms are yellow, big. Blooms early and heavily in April. Need to be planted in sunny place. Frost resistant.

– evergreen bush. Grows up to 1 m height and 1.3 m wide. Blooms in May - June. Likes partial or shadowy place, acid, humus soil. Frost resistant.

(Thuja western 'Holmstrup') – Narrow conical crown. The height of 15 year old plant is –1.5-2 m, width –0.5-0.8 m. yearly growth in height is - 5-10 cm, in width - 4 cm. Grows up to 2.5-3 m height and 0.8-1 m width. Scale, dark green leaves. Medium, or rich, normal moisture, sandy and light loamy acid or lime soil is needed. In greeneries are planted single or in groups, also in rows. Is suitable for medium or high trimmed hedges.

– grow up to 1,5 m. height. The crown is narrow conical. Grow up to 3 - 4 m height and 1 -1.4 m width. The leaves are scale, dark green, glittering. Grow well in medium, normal moisture soil. Likes sunny and half shadowy place.

– slowly growing, dense conifer tree. Grows well in medium, normal moisture soil. Likes sunny and half shadowy places.

– at the age of 10 years the height of magnolia is around 3 m, and width is around 2-3 m. It has very big and fragrant blossoms. It starts blooming in May. The blooming time lasts for 2 weeks. Magnolia grows well in sunny, but low acid soil. It suits to plant around small gardens, yards. Frost resistant, but it is recommended to protect young trees from cold wind and spring frosts.

– grafted. Blossoms are fragrant, bloom in May – June. Grow well in medium soil. Like sunny and half shadowy places.

– grafted. Weeping form Japanese larches in natural conditions grow up to 6-10 m, but most often they are being grafted into specific plants, that is why the height depends on stock and usually reaches 0,5-1,5 m. Looks very nice planted in the lawn, nearby rock-garden, staircase or pool.

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