Pear trees

KAROLA – Autumn species. Fruits ripen at the end of September or in the beginning of October, they are big, or very big, green, after ripening become greenish yellow with fluffy coat. Very tasty and aromatic. Can be stored for several months. The trees are frost resistant.

– Winter species. Bear heavily on regular basis. Pears are sweet-and-sour, the flesh is crispy and aromatic. Ripen in the beginning of October. May be stored for several months.

– The fruits are big or very big, greenish yellow color. Pears are very tasty – the flesh is sweet and juicy. Ripening time: September – October.

– Ripens in the middle of August. They are pretty big, greenish yellow with reddish stripes. If there is a lot of sun while fruits are ripening, they become red. Very tasty – sweet and juicy, melting in the mouth.

– late autumn – winter species. Bear regularly and very heavily. Fruits are big up to 250 g. The flesh is soft, juicy, sweet and very tasty

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