Raspberry, blackberries, nut-tree, wallnut tree


– red raspberries. Grow fast. Disease resistant. The berries are big, sweet. Ripen at the end of July. Should be planted in sunny place. The variety is tolerant to winter frost.

– remontant raspberry. The berries are big, yellow, and sweet. They crop twice a year. Grow well in open, sunny place. The plant likes fertile soil.

– spineless. Crop early, yearly. The berries are black, glittering, and big. Suit well for processing. Picking time: at the end of August – in the beginning of September. Like sunny, windless place.


– this is not only a decorative plant which decorates your surroundings from early spring till autumn with his colorful leaves. These nut-trees crop heavily, give rather big and very tasty nuts. The leaves are dark burgundy with green. The nuts are also burgundy, set in brighter clusters.

- multistemmed, straight big bush. The leaves are green in summer, in autumn are yellow. The plant doesn’t need care. May grow in shade as well as in sunny place. Fruits are big. Flowers in March, nuts ripen in September – October.

It is light-demanding tree, which has thick crown, in common conditions grows and crops for up to 300-400 years, grows till 5-10 m height. The leaves have pleasant aroma. Flowers at the end of April – May. The fruits ripen at the end of August – first half of September. The seedlings start cropping at year 8-12 after it is planted and bears yearly.

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