Taking care of burial sites

If you are gone abroad or live in other town and you don‘t have time and possibilities to take care of your relatives‘ burial sites, we can offer you this service. When Mother‘s day or Father‘s day is approaching, we will remember your relatives and visit their burial sites. If you don’t manage to take care of your relatives‘ burial sites, don‘t worry, entrust this work to us.

With our help, the flowers will be in blossom on burial site from Mother‘s Day till Halloween.

Our services:

  • Consultations on design of burial site;
  • Supply of ground and decorative stone, evening;
  • Planting, care of plants and watering;
  • Cleaning, sealing of tombstones and fences;
  • Bringing flowers, lighting the candles on memorial days;
  • Sales of decorative plants;
  • Constant care of burial sites (watering, weeding);
  • Mulching (mulch – colorful wood shavings) of plants and whole burial site;
  • Cutting letters on tombstones and their renovation.
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